"New Images" Canine Health & Beauty Salon

Our expert staff are highly experienced canine stylists. We do not simply shear the dogs off on a one size fits all basis. Each client is individually styled to suit the dog's character. The style can either be in keeping with the breed standard, or we can take account of your specific requirements for your pet. If you wish, you can consult with the stylist to discuss the options when you drop your dog off.

We normally bath, blow dry and brush out each dog prior to trimming. If nails need trimming we will attend to this. The anal gland can be emptied if required. We also examine the eyes, ears and skin and may be able to alert you to health issues in these areas. We can also weigh your dog if you would like to monitor it's weight.

20% Discount for new clients
Each appointment takes about 2 - 3 hours and some typical prices are as follows:-

Yorkshire Terrier £31.95
Springer Spaniel £33.95
Standard Poodle £49.95

Please phone reception on 01633 400306 for further information or to book an appointment.

Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not delighted with the result, we will re-work your dog free of charge within a period of seven days after your appointment.

Special offer. If your dog visits New Images while boarding at Penylan Country Lodge a 10% discount will apply to the grooming price.

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