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It is our policy in the kennels to feed each guest with a diet as closely matched as possible to their normal diet. This requires that we keep a very large selection of different foods in stock, so it makes sense that we should also sell these in the area next to our reception.

Since this is a sideline to our main business, we are able to offer many of the items at reduced prices. For example:-

James Wellbeloved is 15% below MRP.
Eukanuba and Hills are 10% below MRP.
Iams is 12% below MRP.

Our AMP frozen meats are 10% below MRP and you also get a free one for each 10 purchased.

Our cat litter is 25% below MRP.

If you require a specific item that we do not carry in stock, then we should be able to order it in for you. If you wish to purchase such an item on a regular basis, then we can add it to our stock list.

Some of the products we stock

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