Our cattery



Each guest has a cosy, heated chalet which is set in a spacious individual run. The outside runs are covered and sheltered from the elements and the cats have free access to them throughout their stay. 


Daily Routine

Our guests enjoy the undivided attention of our cat lady every day as they are cleaned, fed and cuddled. 

They enjoy lazy days of being pampered whilst listening to the radio. 

A true treat!



We keep popular brands of wet and dried cat foods in stock and can offer both to our guests whilst they stay.

If your cat has a favourite food or a specific diet we recommend that you bring this along in case we cannot best match.

6TH APRIL 2019 TO 5TH APRIL 2020

 A 10% discount will apply to two or more pets from the same family in separate accommodation

A 25% discount will apply to two pets from the same family sharing the same accommodation.

A 35% discount will apply to three pets from the same family sharing the same accommodation.

The above charges include feeding, heating at night and insurance against vet bills up to £200 per booking (subject to conditions). Beds with blankets are also provided. 24 hour heating can be provided for an additional charge of 80p per day. Please ring if you aren't sure if we stock your chosen brand of pet food as if we don't stock it you will be required to bring your own.


All our stocks of foods are also included in the price, however please ring to confirm we stock your chosen brand and flavour of pet food, if you require something we do not stock then we are afraid that you will have to provide your own. 

Dried foods we have include:

Iams adult

Go-Cat adult

Iams kitten

Iams senior

Wet foods we have include:

Whiskas tins

Whiskas pouches (kitten, adult, senior)

Felix pouches (kitten, adult, senior)

White fish

Tinned fish (tuna, pilchards, sardines)


NOTE - Due to the ever present risk of supplier issues we cannot guarantee any of our chosen brands, nor which flavours we will have avaliable. 

Please ring us for more assistance and we will be more than happy to help.

Collection and delivery, if required, will be charged in accordance with distance travelled subject to a minimum charge of £10.00.  

The accommodation will be available for your exclusive use, from opening time on the day of arrival until closing time on the day of departure. Both days will be charged for.

Full payment is due at the time of the guest's departure. Payment may be made by cash, debit card or credit card. We are no longer able to accept cheques. 

Please make sure your pet is fully vaccinated and that these vaccinations are in date. We will be unable to accept guests with out of date or incomplete vaccines. If you would like advice on vaccinations please give us a call.

There are minimum charges which apply to Bank Holidays and Weekends during peak periods. Please phone for details of these.